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YAAAYYY!!! Finally

2007-09-18 18:43:56 by Nitro3600

I'm in the swing right as i right this to uploading some of my very own I said I know there not the best in the world or as good/long as everyone else's but im working my way to the top by doing so...Im basically a beginner in all this audio stuff so bare with me please...

I would really like lit if you people/friends could all check out my new music im posting. Right me some comments about what you think,But please PLEASE! keep in mind i have alot more comming =P

thanks again everyone

Peace Nitro

YAAAYYY!!! Finally


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2007-09-19 08:37:00

I like the songs but they seem to have the same bass line

Nitro3600 responds:

no there all diffrent....