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2007-09-21 20:34:29 by Nitro3600

Im droping some real good beats on the Audio file so come check them out.....

I just put up a Project clip im working on right now and a song clip no lyrics...

Once again I 100% appologise for the misunderstanding some of you have recive well i posted anothers song on my file attempting for me to bring them more advertisment....i dident know the discription area had a limit to text and i dident pay no attention.....but if you look bellow on my last blog you will see the link I have posted for his music...CHECK HIM OUT!

thanks for your support


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2007-09-22 18:49:59

your a asshole

Nitro3600 responds:

Hahahaaa i know where u live idiot!!! haha love ya cuz lets collab bro